In this article we will talk about husbands who can't wait to be unfaithful: cuckolds and the best dating sites for them. We are used to thinking of cheating as something shameful and ignominious, while cuckolding places it at the center of male (and female) desire. Humiliation is one of the sources of cuckolding arousal, a psychological dynamic that is part of the given phenomenon. If you've ever been in a relationship with a cuckold, you've never been in a relationship with a cuckold.

If you've ever been turned on by watching your partner receive appreciation from other men, or hearing her express her appreciation to other men, cuckolding may be for you. Below we describe the best forums, chatrooms and dating sites dedicated to cuckolding and couples interested in this practice. We'll start with the best forums, chatrooms and dating sites dedicated to cuckolding.

Let's start with the basics. In modern English, a "cuckold" is a husband who watches his wife having sex with other men. Technically, a cuckold is a particular type of paraphilia in which the husband (and man in general) is reduced to a submissive observer of his wife's or partner's extramarital life - although the term "cuckold" originated in marital life, it applies to all monogamous relationships in general. You may not realize it, but this practice is much more common than you think.

Statistics from erotic sites on the subject are quite revealing: every month more than 2 million users enter some variation of the word "cuckold" on the platform, making it one of the 100 most popular searches on sites of this type.

According to the results, interest in threesomes is steadily increasing among couples, although the majority of users are men looking for such videos or wanting to become cuckolded.

It has also been revealed that the cuckolding community has related interests including female domination, humiliation, betrayal and submission: If you are interested in cuckolding, you may also be interested in these practices and share these same fantasies.

Contacts with cuckolds: what types and terms should you know?

Whoever plays the cuckold in a couple enjoys being a spectator of the act.

However, this opens the way to a number of specific types and terms, which we will briefly describe for your orientation if you are new to this world:

Active Cuckold: An active cuckold is a person who enjoys watching his or her partner have sex with another person. An active cuckold can decide whether to participate in the act by masturbating at the time or simply watching. He is considered neither submissive nor "cuckolded". On the contrary, he sets the rules and dominates his partner's pleasure.

Passive Cuckold: A man who only likes to know that his wife is in the company of another man. This does not involve any participation by the cuckold, except that he and his partner choose the designated bull. The passive cuckold may even be elsewhere during the act and be completely submissive to his partner's desires. This specific category, which enjoys submission and humiliation, is part of the BDSM world.

Bull: is the other, the lover, the man chosen by the partner to fulfill this sexual fantasy. They are usually very gifted or, in any case, powerful men.

Sweetheart: the active part of the couple who consciously and participatively chooses the bull, and often the "rules" of the erotic game, together with their partner.

Cuckquean: essentially a female cuckold. That is, a woman who feels pleasure when her partner has sex with another woman. A female cuckquean, i.e. a mistress, is called a "cuckcake" or "cuckmare", and is usually an acquaintance or friend of a cuckquean.

The best US cuckold dating sites

If you're interested in cuckold dating, whether you're a bull looking for a partner or a couple looking for a bull, you need to play it safe and sign up for a site that can arrange your cuckold encounter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Especially if you've already tried being a cuckold, you may want to skip the interaction part of the online community and get straight to the action. Here's an overview of the top cuckold dating sites in US, so you can quickly choose which site is right for you.

Beware of fakes: sometimes sites have similar names but completely different platforms and services. Here is our guide to help you get your bearings.

Finally, a well-done site. The graphics are clean and the operation of the site is simple and pleasant. Registration is free, simple and secure, protecting your anonymity.

The location part is very interesting, so that couples and bulls can indicate where they are, to meet the bulls and the couples closest to them, get to know each other online, chat and meet as soon as they want. A team of moderators constantly monitors the site, checking profiles and making sure there are no imposters or time-wasters. Very interesting, highly recommended.


A site with beautiful graphics, full of very useful and interesting content: the clear images and the sections of the site give hope of finding a professional service and a solid, large and active community. Visiting the menu items, one will find that they contain many profiles and ads related to cuckoldry and offer the user the best options. Most of these people are seriously interested in meeting or at least learning more about cuckolding.


OneNightFriend is a multilingual platform and very easy to navigate. The cuckold chat and dating section is very busy, there is nothing to impede the desire and excitement in the chat room. A well-made site facilitates the organization of a meeting (for cuckolds and in general) and fills it with all the wild and joyful spontaneity.

Visit the community to learn more about cuckolds

We have decided to put together some useful forums for you to gather all the information you need to deepen your interest in cuckolding. Before you start dating, it's important to go through a phase of reflection and introspection.

Sharing your thoughts and experiences with others like you will help you live your cuckold life to the fullest: sharing information with the cuckold community will help you understand your limits and your urges before starting a relationship, whether with your partner or with new partners.

We have gathered some cuckold forums for you to consider. By visiting them you will be able to approach the cuckolding world and get to know the cuckold world before experimenting and meeting all the members of the online community who, like you, love the paraphilia, want to practice it or are already practicing it.

Black to White

Black to White is an online platform that hosts numerous forums on various topics. Among the various forums there is a special one dedicated to cuckolding, in particular for women, couples and bulls who want to visit and experience cuckolding. Each user can create a new thread specifying their topic and by replying to it other users will start a conversation. The home page displays a list of threads, ordered from last to latest, with the number of replies and views, as well as the date and time of the last reply.

Cuckold lovers, who frequent the Black to White site, discuss everything related to their passion for the paraphilia. There are bulls looking for partners, there are couples looking for bulls willing to satisfy women, and there are those who talk freely and spontaneously about their experiences to share pleasure with users. You are sure to find the right place to participate in the community and find people to share your puppetry interests with.


This very popular CuckOlDreams forum gathers a lot of topics in a very deep and organized way, divided into sections where every user can easily search for the information and topics that interest him/her the most. The "Login" section contains new user introductions and moderators' messages, but above all questions, tips and frequently asked topics, as well as a selection of the best ones made by the forum editors.

In the section "The Lounge" they address the novice cuckolds, the bulls and the voluptuous, that is, all those who, inside and outside the couple, would like to give themselves to a cuckold but have not yet started, share their experiences (even doing surveys), chat freely and indulge in stories and fantasies.

A very interesting part for those who want to practice cuckolding, as well as learn more about it, are the ads. There are ads for all needs (with a wide iconographic selection of users who post their photos to participate and find someone who wants to squander their passion with them): for those looking for vacation encounters, for cuckolders and cuckolded couples looking for bulls, for bulls looking for cuckolders.

There is also the option of looking for last minute meetings: these meetings expire on the seventh day and are deleted on the seventh day. For those looking for sex or privacy, CuckOlDreams also has a chat room where forum members can meet in direct messages to exchange erotic photos and thoughts, or talk about whatever they want, starting with general life interests.